The Power of Social Media For Women Executives

At brandfog, we’ve had the honor of working with inspiring, influential women leaders across industries for many years.


Although we work with many Fortune 1000 C-Suite executives, we have a special focus on raising the profile of women leaders who work at large, enterprise organizations.

We have known for some time that companies run by teams with gender diversity tend to perform better, that firms with more women in the C-Suite translate into bigger profits for companies, and that businesses lacking gender diversity in board positions face more governance issues than the average firm. Nevertheless, we still see very little movement when it comes to increasing the number of women in top business leadership positions.

When we first examined the role of social media in building credibility for women leaders back in 2014, we launched a survey to find out how people felt about using social media to raise profiles and establish thought leadership for women executives. Even four years ago, survey respondents felt strongly that active social media engagement by women was a vital tool to help strengthen and build professional reputations. Specifically, 92% of US respondents felt that social-media-savvy women executives could improve a company’s brand image, and 85% agreed that women executives could use social media to build credibility and establish thought leadership.